Detox Kit
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This comprehensive detox program is recommended prior to any weight loss program. 

Our bodies store toxins in the fat that surrounds our organs in order to prevent them from being absorbed. When we lose weight, non essential body fat is metabolized first. This includes the fat surrounding our organs. When this occurs, these toxins that may have been stored for years are suddenly released into the blood stream, potentially wrecking havoc on our body's systems that cope with these toxins.

By detoxing with a comprehensive kit, you ensure that the body has everything it needs to properly and safely get rid of these dangerous wastes. This also helps prepare your body for the weight loss, often increasing the rate that the pounds shed from your body!

This kit includes 6 parts:
  • Detox I
  • Detox II
  • Detox III
  • CerebroMax
  • SpinalMax
  • Matrix Support
  • Item #: 60-152919

Detox Kit

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