Digestive Enzymes - Full Spectrum
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Good health is dependent on a healthy digestive and immune system. Taking supplemental enzymes, especially when eating foods that are highly processed, cooked improperly or difficult to digest, reduces stress to the digestive system, supports the proper uptake of nutrients and creates an ideal environment for 70% of your immune system.

What Is The Primary Function Of Digestive Enzymes?

• Amylase: breaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars found in potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and snack foods
• Cellulase: breaks down food fiber (cellulose) found in fruits and vegetables
• Lactase: breaks down lactose found in milk sugars
• Lipase: breaks down fat found in butter, cheese, meat, dietary fats and oils
• Protease: breaks down protein found in meats, nuts, milk and cheese
• Phytase: breaks down phytic acids in grains, seeds, and simple sugars into fructose and glucose
• Invertase: breaks down white and simple sugar
• Pectinase: breaks down proteins into amino acids
• Papain: derived from papaya, breaks down protein-rich foods

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Digestive Enzymes - Full Spectrum

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