Surrender Fast Audio
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Let Dr. Celeste greet you every day of your Surrender Fast via your smart phone or tablet!
These MP3s, which are the perfect accompaniment to The 40-Day Surrender Fast, are loaded with content that will encourage and push you as you complete your fast. The daily messages also provide insider information not read in the book. Download to learn what new things have occurred for Dr. Celeste and the ministry since the priinting of The 40-Day Surrender Fast!
These mini-messages of encouragment are great even if you're not fasting!

The Surrender Fast MP3 includes:
1. (1) Introduction
2. (5) Pre-Fast Preparation messages
3. (30) Surrender Fast messages
4. A prayer personalized to each day's recording
5. Updated content
From the start of your Surrender Fast, these messages will make you feel as if Dr. Celeste is your accountability partner, cheering you on every step of the way! 
Two (2) downloads per purchase. That means you can download to your computer, tablet, or smart phone! 
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Surrender Fast Audio

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