Surrender Fast  Book Bundle
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Use these products together to ensure your fasting success!

  • The 40-Day Surrender Fast Devotional
  • The 40-Day Surrender Fast Journal
  • 37 MP3 Recorded Messages by Dr. Celeste Owens

Get a FREE Copy of The Art of Your Surrender when you buy the bundle!!



"Great guidebook for a fast. The narratives are engaging and the journaling is beneficial for tracking your progress."

"Great guide to learning how to surrender your life to God. Dr. Owens' transparency helped me be more honest with God and myself."

"This book initiated a spiritual journey I never expected to be on. So many blessings revealed through the fast. I highly recommend getting this book, not just to fast but as a way of life to improve your relationship with God."

"This book can literally change your life if you are sincere about this fast. Allow God to speak to you...listen for His voice as you spend 40 surrendering and studying His word."

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Surrender Fast Book Bundle

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